About Us

THRILL BMX offers a premium BMX race frame loaded with modern day cycling technology. The THRILL frame has a triple butted hydro formed tube set that is hardened to T6 for stiffness and durability, with features like that you know THRILL are serious about it’s frames. Thrill have also introduced an oversized head tube(tapered) on the 2016 series frames, for additional stiffness and stability, which are still compatible with a standard BMX fork 1-1/8”, steer tube. Together with a PF30 bottom bracket to increase drive line stiffness and power transfer to the rear wheel, another added benefit of using a PF30 bottom bracket is a reduction in weight of up to 18%. Again with the PF30 bottom bracket you can still run your 24mm axle cranks as the frame is still compatible with all other 24mm crank axles. And to top it all off the rear drop outs are compatible with 10 and 20mm rear axles.

Our frames are made from triple butted hydro formed tubing hardened to a T6 for stiffness and durability.

Tapered Head Tube
We also added an oversized head tube for additional stiffness and stability, which is still compatible with a standard 1-1/8”, steer tube.

Together with a PF30 bottom bracket to increase driveline stiffness and reduce weight up to 18%. PF30 will still be compatible with any other 25mm crank on the market.

The ball diameter of the bearing can influence the performance under load. Therefore, our frame has a BB30. With a BB30 bearing with a 24mm inner diameter, the bracket will have bigger bearing balls then its 30mm version. The performance under load of the 24mm is better and will result in possible marginal gains over time.  The durability will also increase the bearing and it will be less suspectable to dirt and impact.

Another advantage of using a PF24-30 converter with tread is that the tolerance is only depending on your BB cup, because the bearings are outside of the frame. With a better tolerance, your bearings will roll better.

Our frames are compatible with 10mm – 20mm axles.