Edžus Treimanis wins Olympic BMX test event

Thrill Europe Factory had 2 riders present at the Olympic Test Event in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Olympics venue: Elite Women’s Aneta Hladikova (CZ) and Edžus Treimanis (Latvia).

The event didn’t start well for the organiser. The track was deemed unsafe and modifications were made. In training most men jumped, but for the rider’s safety there was decided to race on the women straight.

In the Time Trial Aneta took 9th place and Edžus put the fastest time on the clock.

In the Racing Event, Aneta finished 5th in the first women’s semi and Edžus won first quarter again with the fastest lap time.

Due to the bad weather conditions, the rest of the race was cancelled. The results were decided on the fastest times in the men’s quarter finals and women’s semi finals, giving Aneta 9th place and Edžus the win of the day.

Congrats Edžus on bringing back the gold medal!

Some videos from the event:


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